Glenn Cripe has lived and worked (software development, consulting, and training) in over 10 cities in the U.S. and overseas, including Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, Richmond, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Padova, and Sydney. He currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, where he registered LLI in May of 2005 as a non-profit corporation. During the months between camps, Glenn works to find teachers and funding, expand our network, and publicize the camp, by attending and speaking at conferences and seminars around the world. Glenn's special contribution is his knowledge of computer systems, web site work, and development of training programs. During the camp, Glenn will assist the other teachers as needed, making sure that classes run smoothly and reviewing each day's results in a brief staff meeting. When he is not planning interesting training programs in faraway places, Glenn enjoys playing classical music and show tunes on the piano, especially when he can accompany singers and other instrumentalists. A special adventure for Glenn was helping to translate and publish the works of Ayn Rand in Russian, and to track down the places where she lived. Click here to see photos of the books and the locations.

Andy Eyshen Ais a management consultant from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, an Australian citizen, originally from Luxembourg. Andy's special contribution to LLI and the English camp is his broad experience with consulting, organizational development, and training programs. During the camp, Andy will teach classes about entrepreneurship.

Christian Michel lives in London, where he advises several non-profit organisations, and gives frequent lectures and seminars. He spent many years living and studying in Paris, then in the 1980's, he started a trust and corporate financial services company in Geneva. The company grew rapidly by offering protection to individuals worldwide against unfair taxation and bureaucratic encroachments. He eventually sold his company, and left Geneva for London.
Christian is a board member and president of Libertarian International, a director of ISIL, and a committee member of the Libertarian Alliance. He speaks frequently at libertarian conferences around the world, and has written many books and articles, with titles such as:
La Liberté, deux ou trois choses que je sais d'elle
Restitution: Justice in a Stateless Society
The Class Struggle Is Not Over
Capitalism and the Wisdom of the Elders
The End of the Warrior
Twice a month, Christian hosts a "6 / 20 evening" of lively discussion of arts, literature, and philosophy

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